About Wipro

Wipro makes client ambitions a reality by orchestrating a holistic portfolio of capabilities across cloud services, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, engineering, and consulting. With more than 230,000 employees serving clients across 66 countries, Wipro equips customers, colleagues, and communities to thrive in an ever-changing world. Wipro is strategic partner of PROS with a vision to deliver transformational pricing and quoting offerings and services and build sustained partnerships with clients.

PROS + Wipro Partnership

As strategic partners, Wipro and PROS enable firms to enhance pricing capabilities, improve sales productivity, and grow profits and market share. Together, Wipro and PROS bring unified pricing and quoting solutions to enterprises across customer segments, products, and channels. Wipro engages in design, build, deployment, upgrade, managed services, CPQ, and price insight solutions. Wipro also provides data migration, training, and pricing operation services. This partnership enhances speed, innovation, productivity, and profitability with AI-powered profit optimization, dynamic and advanced pricing capabilities, and AI-powered configure price quote capabilities in the B2B business of enterprise clients.