Deal Desk

We make deal desks hum with smart, insightful, precise deal management.
It’s here. It’s PROS.

Optimize deal flow management and drive profit on every sale

PROS deal management software enables you to rapidly respond to specific customer needs with greater accuracy. Integrated with price guidance leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, you now have a tool delivering analytics for deal velocity as well as a deal score.

That level of sentience takes instant, prescriptive product and pricing opportunities based on smart science, but that’s exactly what we’ve packed into Deal Desk – tools to analyze large opportunities with tens of thousands of line items in a flash.

Smarter, faster deal management anytime, anywhere

PROS Deal Desk includes customer agreement information, product and price guidance, automated quote generation and simplified approval workflows. It also provides integrated email approvals for lightning-fast responses to escalations.

With instant insights into the information that matters most – and the ability to use business rules to streamline the approval process – pricing and sales teams now have the tools to power through the approval process.

Deal Desk hands you winning quotes, happy customers and a leading edge