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Outperform with PROS: Discover the secret of AI-powered profitable growth

Powering airline profitable growth through commercial autonomy.

The move to Offer & Order management is fundamentally challenging the status quo of legacy technology and adopting AI-powered solutions that are open and modular, airlines can change the way they sell, embracing commercial autonomy and driving profitable growth.

Join PROS and top industry executives—your peers—for a live, 3-day conference featuring in-depth thought leadership, immersive training on the latest AI-driven revenue management and offer optimization capabilities, and transformational strategies for the future of airline retailing across 4 compelling tracks:

Track 1: The (R)evolution of Revenue Management Driven by Proven AI
Who’s it for: airline revenue management and sales teams

Revenue management is mission-critical for airlines. Join this track to learn more about the latest advancements powered by PROS proven AI. Hear directly from airlines that are benefitting from cutting-edge capabilities like dynamic pricing, willingness-to-pay and AI-based Ancillary Science to maximize revenue and drive critical commercial outcomes for their businesses.

Track 2: Architecting AI-Fueled Offer and Order Management
Who’s it for: airline revenue management, distribution, sales, and pricing teams

Airlines are driving toward a vision of offer and order management, where they are no longer constrained by legacy technology. With an offer centric and direct-first approach to distribution, carriers can put the customer first and become true digital retailers. Join this track to hear from industry experts, thought leading airlines and PROS leadership on what’s to come in the offer and order management journey.

Track 3: Seize the Bookings: Real-time AI Pricing for Air Cargo
Who’s it for: airline cargo pricing and revenue management teams

Discover innovative AI-powered air cargo solutions that enable real-time dynamic pricing with revenue management and automated quoting. Join this track to hear from industry leaders on the power of employing dynamic strategies and digital platforms to enable self-serve eCommerce channels and drive revenue optimal bookings. Further, hear about an innovative neural network-based approach to cargo revenue management—one that can quickly adapt to changes in the market and still provide robust recommendations - and doesn't require a complex demand forecast.

Track 4: Turning Lookers to Bookers: Customer-Centric Offer Marketing
Who’s it for: airline, hotel, and hospitality marketing, digital and commercial teams

Direct channel growth and customer acquisition are critical to driving loyalty and increasing sales. Join this track to hear directly from airlines on how they’ve built customer-centric marketing strategies to increase traffic, improve conversion rates, enhance user experience, and drive brand engagement both on and off the dot com.

Register now at We can’t wait to see you there!

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Amy Williams, Senior Industry Marketing Manager, is responsible for driving a consistent and compelling narrative for the PROS Travel portfolio. She is passionate about understanding the unique challenges that plague the industry and developing rich content and points of view that showcase PROS expertise and differentiation in the market.

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