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Announcing New Features from the PROS Platform Summer 2022 Release

Summer is here and so are new innovations to the PROS Platform that will help you further optimize every shopping and selling experience. Our Summer 2022 release includes new platform capabilities that accelerate your time-to-value, improve your user experience and ease of use, and provide greater self-service functionality.

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Summer 2022 Platform Release Features

Maximize Revenue and Profitability with End-to-End Rebate Management

To fuel B2B digital selling motions that provide frictionless buying experiences and maximize revenue and profitability when offering rebates, we recently launched PROS Rebate Management Solution powered by Enable, providing end-to-end pricing and rebate functionality for B2B organizations.

The solution unites the PROS Platform with Enable’s rebate management capabilities, all delivered via Microsoft Azure. As an exclusive reseller with Enable, a category leader in B2B rebate management solutions, the solution extends the PROS Platform by integrating rebate management with PROS pricing and selling capabilities. This promises to help maximize the performance of B2B deals while improving financial transparency and operational efficiency.

Benefits include:

  • Provides insights on the performance of rebate programs to better inform any needed pricing adjustments to help maximize results.
  • Delivers faster and more precise quotes to customers while ensuring quotes align to predefined commercial KPIs.
  • Provides the ability to define, manage and analyze trading programs all in one place for easier and more strategic rebate management.
  • Mitigate risk by combining the right offer at the right price, with the right rebates and promotions, even under the most demanding market conditions.

For additional details, click here.

Accelerate Sales Productivity and Deal Velocity with CPQ Agreements Portal

PROS Smart Configure Price Quote accelerates the management of complex sales agreements from days to minutes. This capability streamlines the lifecycle of sales agreement workflows that create, amend, renew, extend, and end these agreements. Using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms, PROS Smart Configure Price Quote delivers prescriptive recommendations along the sales agreement journey — enabling sales analysts to create fully personalized contracts tailored to each buyer.

Now with the introduction of the new Agreements Portal, you can store and view all aspects of a finalized agreement in one place. The Agreements Portal is accessible to both Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce CRM users and provides an intuitive interface to view key agreement details and information at-a-glance including start and end dates, line items, agreement prices, and terms and conditions. This unified and seamless user experience helps sales management and sales operation teams improve productivity and gain insights into the performance of agreements.

Check out the Agreements Portal in action here.

Simplify Complex Pricing Analytics with PROS Smart Price Optimization and Management

For many B2B businesses, it can be difficult to pull together the right information, isolate the factors that drive margin and revenue performance, and pinpoint where to make improvements. New improvements to the Margin Drivers Chart within PROS Smart Price Optimization and Management can make it even easier to determine how your pricing strategy is impacting your profits.

The Margin Drivers Chart can help organizations view, isolate, and quantify the impact of price on revenue and/or margin, as well as filter the data dynamically by relevant geographies, dates, and products to measure the effectiveness of pricing actions. The functionality provides fast, powerful analysis and insight on all transactions.

The new enhancements display the waterfall and sub-aggregation table in one screen and allow you to dynamically filter and group by customer and product. The insights are extremely actionable for pricing managers because they clearly show which prices can be improved and what inefficiencies need to be addressed.

Optimizing the User Experience Across the PROS Platform

Several new and exciting enhancements across the PROS Platform help improve the user experience and ease of use, especially for Pricing and Sales Managers.

PROS Smart Price Optimization and Management

Price Analytics:

  • Quartile Percentages in Box Plots - Users can specify their own custom percentages to calculate quartiles and now tailor the charts to meet their unique business needs.

Price Management:

  • Price Level Column in Master Price List – For users with multiple component types, you can now easily identify the scope of individual rows and make comparisons and pricing decisions more effectively.
  • Navigation Breadcrumbs - By including breadcrumb links in the title bar, it’s now easier for users to return to previously visited pages, providing seamless reverse navigation through the application.

PROS Smart Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

  • Improved Quote View with Quick Catalog Access - The catalog widget is now collapsed by default to optimize the Quote view with one click access to simplify product search workflows.
  • Quickly Insert Quote Line Items - To speed up the process of creating a quote, new options are available to add a product or specific line directly where it is needed in a quote with just one click.

Platform Services

  • Global Platform Navigator - Provides an always accessible method for users to navigate between applications making it easier to access pricing and selling capabilities of the PROS Platform.

View this video to learn more about the latest User Experience enhancements.

What’s Next?

PROS thrives on continued innovation while helping our customers outperform. Building on this focus and momentum, be sure to check back in the Fall for more exciting updates to the PROS Platform.

For further detail on the latest PROS Platform release, view the specific product highlights and release notes here.

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