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Direct Supply Renews Contract with PROS to Resolve Data Challenges

Direct Supply is an employee-owned company that specializes in providing equipment, eCommerce, and services to healthcare organizations and the senior living industry. Since 1985, Direct Supply has been committed to enhancing the lives of seniors and those who care for them by helping Senior Living and Healthcare providers create amazing environments, improve care and outcomes, optimize building operations, streamline procurement, and more.

They have been working with PROS since 2017, using features of our Smart Price Optimization and Management platform. In November 2022 Direct Supply extended their PROS partnership with a 3-year renewal of the PROS Smart Price and Optimization software platform.

PROS AI and Direct Supply

In today’s world with highly variable market factors, Direct Supply recognized the need for a pricing software solution to help support their growing business. With PROS, they are now dynamically managing and changing pricing for nearly 1 million SKUs on a daily basis. In addition, their sales reps are now able to give customers the most competitive and accurate price points quickly.

Carl Hoeg at Direct Supply reports that PROS is “a tool that has allowed us to manage a large quantity of data to keep Direct Supply in a spot to serve our customers and provide them the best products at the best possible price.”

Nadine Pyter, PROS Vice President, B2B Solutions Marketing, says “Companies that want to best serve their customers with competitive, quick, and accurate pricing need technology to do so. Only then can they handle the amount of data as quickly as they need to, plus take into account client specifics such as agreements and rebates. By using the power of the PROS Platform, Direct Supply is positioning itself to lead in its market, develop the strongest customer relationships and provide the most current and competitive pricing across all the channels where they sell.”

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About PROS

PROS Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: PRO) is your company’s best-kept secret for profitable growth. Viewed as a market-leader by both Gartner and IDC for its CPQ and price optimization capabilities, PROS advanced AI delivers results to the world’s top brands including Cargill, Etihad, Honeywell, HP, Lenovo, Lufthansa, Siemens, and more. With more than 30 million AI models, PROS award winning AI is the driving force in processing more than 2 trillion transactions per year. PROS customers report up to 96% efficiency gain, up to 5% margin improvement, and up to 20% revenue lift, according to a recent ROI study. To learn more, visit

About the Author

Kaitlynn Brancato, Industry Solutions Marketing Manager at PROS, leads the go-to-market strategy for both the manufacturing and distribution verticals. Kaitlynn has more than five years of B2B software marketing experience and is passionate about technology and advocating the value of profit optimization software to companies within her breadth of industries.

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