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Transform Your Business With New Innovations From the PROS Platform Spring 2022 Release

The PROS Platform is continuously evolving to fulfill our vision of optimizing every shopping and selling experience. Innovation is core to our commitment to our customers and our Spring 2022 release includes new platform capabilities that accelerate time-to-value as well as improve overall user experience.

Spring 2022 Platform Release Features

Multiple Perspectives

Simulate Data and Leverage Pricing Scenarios in Omnichannel Commerce with PROS Smart Price Optimization and Management

At PROS, we understand that B2B sales interactions are becoming increasingly digital, and businesses must prepare to serve their customers consistently across all channels. The latest update to PROS Smart Price Optimization and Management can help you accelerate your omnichannel strategies to develop, test, manage, and deploy multiple pricing optimization algorithms through a single pane of glass.

The new Multiple Perspectives capability is a launchpad for pricing and commercial teams to develop pricing strategies that align traditional negotiated sales interactions and eCommerce experiences where customers are delivered an optimized price point. Never has it been easier to rationalize and deliver optimized prices to provide consistent and exceptional customer experiences. For example, when using eCommerce channels, you can generate both negotiated and eCommerce prices for the same product and ensure that the website price is reflected higher than the negotiated discount.

Multiple perspectives image

This is an important step forward since simulation of data allows you to better rationalize pricing methods and accelerate omnichannel strategies. Benefits include:

  • Allowing users to apply different sets of attributes, configurations, or even new PROS science modules
  • Providing the ability to better leverage pricing scenarios, view multiple perspectives, and simulate recommendations before activating
  • Enabling users to better optimize and enable omnichannel strategies
  • Offering self-serve functionality that is intuitive and user-friendly

View this video to see Multiple Perspectives in action

User Experience Enhancements

Several new updates to PROS Smart Configure Price Quote and PROS Smart Price Optimization and Management solutions improve the user experience, especially for Pricing and Sales Managers:

PROS Smart Price Optimization and Management

  • Price Analytics

    Saving Chart Preferences - When business users are configuring analytics, they will now benefit from auto-saving features that ensure a better user experience and provide increased flexibility within the PROS Platform.


    Multiple Group by Selections Enabled in Workflow Navigation Configuration - Workflows within the PROS Platform enable business users to seamlessly capture meaningful insights and take action with a guided experience. With new multi-group selections now enabled in the Workflow Navigation, business users can develop and curate richer analytics and workstreams for their pricing and commercial teams.

    Multiple group by selections enabled in workflow navigation

  • Price Management

    Improved User Access Rights - It is now possible to enable a read-only mode for Master Price Lists allowing visualization of price list for users who are not entitled to modify them. This drives stronger security around your commercial strategy and the pricing models that are deployed across your customers and business segments.

    Improved User Access Rights

    Simplified Pricing Method Configuration - The price method field types have been consolidated in a single tab in the Master Price List configuration screen to ease the configuration task.
    Simplified Pricing Method Configuration

PROS Smart Configure Price Quote

  • Quote Designer

    Improved Dashboard Experience - The history panel has been enhanced to enable business users to seamlessly manage versions of the quote model as business requirements evolve. Additionally, this supports easier backup management.

    Quote Designer History Panel

View this video to learn more about the latest User Experience enhancements.

What’s Next?

We’ll have more exciting new features coming in our Summer 2022 Platform release in July including enhancements to the Smart Price Optimization and Management Margin Waterfall and PROS Extensible AI Platform Services.

For further detail on the latest PROS Platform release, view the specific product highlights and release notes here.

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