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90% Reduction in Order Processing Time with PROS CPQ


SDMO Industries, the world’s third largest manufacturer of power generating units, offers customers an expansive product line, from portable power generating units for professional or personal use to diesel power generators and electric generating sets. SDMO Industries products are sold globally through a variety of sales channels: inside sales, field sales representatives, subsidiary companies and distributors. 


Product and channel complexity presented numerous challenges to effectively communicating product features and accurate pricing information. SDMO Industries had several goals in mind to improve sales effectiveness and increase sales.

Develop new markets and sales channels

With 75% of its sales revenue derived from exports, SDMO Industries has produced strong results pursuing an international expansion strategy.

They continue to move forward by entering new markets and creating new sales channels. To sustain this strategy, SDMO Industries required a multichannel commerce solution that could support their complex international business requirements and help optimize sales processes across all existing and future markets and sales channels.

Harmonize business practices throughout the entire sales network

With a global sales force spread over five continents, SDMO Industries was challenged to implement a single sales methodology and software solution to improve the effectiveness of their entire sales team. The objective was to create uniform business practices that would result in a consistent level of quality customer service throughout all their sales channels and simplify the sales training process.


Control operational costs and reduce delays

Eliminating manual processes and automating the orderto-manufacturing handoff was an important objective for SDMO Industries. They hoped to reduce operational costs by dynamically generating manufacturing data from orders and eliminating the frequent back and forth communication between the engineers, sales team and customers. In fact, by responding more quickly to requests and improving their professionalism, SDMO Industries expected to increase their sales performance, improve customer satisfaction and enhance the company’s image.


After evaluating several alternatives, SDMO Industries selected PROS Smart CPQ. It is now used at corporate headquarters, in seven commercial agencies, all subsidiary companies and international offices supporting more than 300 sales representatives and distributors located in more than 150 countries.

Since going live, SDMO Industries has used PROS Smart CPQ to:

  • Create a single master catalog tailored to each specific market.
  • Guide sales reps and channel partners through the selling process.
  • Identify and locate specific products and associated spare parts.
  • Quickly customize power generating units to match customer requirements.
  • Generate accurate and compelling quotes and proposals.
  • Automatically convert quotes into customer orders.

For configured products, Smart CPQ dynamically generates Bills-of-Material and routings, which are then integrated into SDMO Industries’ ERP system.


SDMO Industries has optimized their entire lead-toorder-to-post-sales process with PROS Smart CPQ. The global sales team is able to create quotes in minutes and easily convert them into orders. Manufacturing data for each configured order is dynamically generated and loaded with the order into the ERP system. By providing accurate product information and applying precise sales and engineering rules when an order is received, Smart CPQ eliminates errors and streamlines the entire process. This enables SDMO Industries to significantly improve their ability to respond to requests, better provide customers with the right product at the right time and reduce the overall cost of sales.

With the worldwide rollout of Smart CPQ, SDMO Industries achieved solid results throughout all their commercial activities. The company has benefited from greater consistency across the sales network, enhanced communication and a better trained sales force. PROS Smart CPQ helped the SDMO Industries sales organization become more effective and productive, and has provided a solid foundation to support future growth.

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