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Optimizing Shopping and Selling Experiences with The PROS Platform for Distribution

See how the PROS Platform helps businesses in the distribution industry make every buying experience more personalized and ever transaction more profitable.

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In an industry where a vast array of products are delivered to diverse customers through multiple channels, the need for efficient digital strategies have never been more crucial. The PROS Platform empowers distributors to automate pricing and sales processes to optimize the customer experience and outperform competitors.

PROS Smart Price Optimization and Management for the Distribution Industry:

  • Ability to keep up with the pace of the market and increasing volatile costs
  • Establish a centralized system for prices, creating consistent pricing strategy to ensure all products are prices uniformly
  • Gain visibility into the willingness-to-pay for your customers, providing them with timely and personalized prices

PROS Smart Configure Price Quote for the Distribution Industry:

  • Minimize internal complexity of workflows and approvals
  • Improve overall quoting and speed and accuracy
  • Guided selling within UI enables sales teams to quickly find the right products

The PROS Platform enables you to make every buying experience personal and every transaction more profitable. Buyers purchasing patterns are rapidly evolving and with PROS, improved personalization, speed, and consistency will allow your business to soar in the digital era.

To learn more about the pricing and selling problems PROS is solving in the distribution industry, visit

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