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B2B Buyer Survey: Technology Industry Results

There’s no denying it. Millions of B2B buyers are changing how, where, and when they want to buy. As a result, the end-to-end buying experience has become as powerful a differentiator as any game changing feature in any product.  

To help you in your consideration of how to meet the new B2B buyer’s expectations, PROS worked with Hanover Research to survey the perspectives of purchasing and procurement leaders on what was important to them in the buying experience. Those results are found in: What B2B Buyers Want: A Survey of 1053 Purchasing Professionals

However, we wanted to dig deeper. What about today’s B2B technology buyers? What do buyers of computer hardware, software, electronics, and IT services want? How do B2B tech buyers compare to those that buy from other industries? Is there more of an expectation for technology companies to be ‘tech savvy’ enough to conduct business on digital platforms? Moreover, what should technology companies do to fulfill their needs? 

Our learnings are found in this eBook.  

In this eBook, you’ll get an inside look into B2B technology buyers’ perspectives on:  

  • Subscription based services  
  • Self-service ordering 
  • Personalized offer recommendations 
  • Methods of gaining information on products 
  • Product loyalty 
  • Omnichannel experiences 
  • The availability of digital purchasing  
  • The amount of purchases done through digital platforms 
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