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New Capability Release: Price Optimization for eCommerce

PROS announces the release of price optimization for eCommerce. The newest pricing capability available in PROS Guidance provides prices optimized for changing market demand and gives you the power to provide market-relevant prices across all your sales channels.

Maintaining competitive, market-relevant pricing is the biggest challenge of B2B sellers looking to drive sales through online channels. With this latest capability, PROS Guidance offers a centralized pricing platform that enables omnichannel harmonization and delivers the right price for each unique buying scenario. Whether you are looking to optimize revenue or margin, you now have a solution that balances risk and reward to deliver winning prices for you and your customers.

PROS Guidance Price Optimization for eCommerce Features

  • Accounts for demand-elasticity and dynamically updates prices whenever new transaction data is available to keep prices competitive
  • Takes in and adapts to seasonality and competitor data
  • Recommends a single, optimized price for each market (peer) segment and product combination
  • Allows for low-touch, no-touch, and self-serve buying experiences
  • Embedded in a user interface (UI) that makes it painless to manage multiple segmentation models and harmonize prices across all channels where Guidance is being used

Why Do Leading Businesses Choose PROS for Pricing?

Every Price Informed by Real-Time Conditions

Our pricing solutions enable every price to be informed by real-time conditions. PROS solutions leverage the most advanced artificial intelligence and the most robust price calculation engine so you don’t have to sacrifice on speed when you need the right price.

The Most Advanced AI for Pricing

PROS customers rely on our pricing artificial intelligence and high-performance calculation power to optimize prices across all of their go-to-market channels and realize their full revenue and profit potential.

Coordinated Pricing for the Omnichannel Buyer

At PROS, we believe that leveraging high-performance pricing intelligence is more important than ever as buyers shift an increasing proportion of their purchasing online. It is vital that businesses have an effective, coordinated price strategy that will accommodate buying behavior across all their go-to-market channels.

Real Revenue Realized

Companies using PROS pricing solutions realize impressive revenue and profit gains by replacing lagging, error-prone, undisciplined pricing processes with real-time, dynamic price calculation, and optimization. With PROS Guidance, your business can have confidence that prices are optimized for the unique conditions of every buyer interaction.

Learn more about price optimization for eCommerce and other price optimization capabilities by visiting the Guidance product page.