NAW and PROS are partnering to provide wholesaler-distributors with essential tools to help their digital transformation journey. Through a series of webinars, podcasts, and NAW’s “Innovate to Dominate” research study itself, we look forward to outlining the roadmap for distributors to create B2B innovation and get ahead of the increasingly disruptive and transformational forces. Distributors will not only see into the future of distribution, but they’ll step into it with world-class, scalable solutions. 

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The National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors (NAW) has published its newest, groundbreaking research study, “Innovate to Dominate: The 12th Edition in the Facing the Forces of Change® Series.” Since its inception in 1982, NAW’s respected “Facing the Forces of Change Series,” continues to provide insights about the overall future of wholesale distribution and the role of wholesaler-distributors. Already a best seller, “Innovate to Dominate” is every distributor’s essential roadmap for innovation. The primary purpose of this research is to help distributors connect the dots between the forces of change and innovating the distributor business model. NAW is proud to have PROS as sponsor of its 12th Edition.


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Welcome to the Age of B2B Innovation

Date: November 4th, 2019

Watch this lively and informative discussion of how distributors are taking the lead in the age of B2B innovation, defeating disruption and reinvigorating our business economy through digital transformation. Featuring: Mark Dancer (author and CEO of Network of Business Innovation and Fellow, NAW Institute for Distribution Excellence) and Michael DeCata (President and CEO, Lawson Products).

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The National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors (NAW) is composed of direct member companies and a federation of international, national, regional, state and local associations and their member companies, which collectively total more than 30,000 employers, with locations in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. NAW-affiliated companies are a constituency at the core of our economy—the link in the marketing chain between manufacturers and retailers, and commercial, institutional and governmental end users. Industry firms vary widely in size, employ more than 5.9 million American workers and account for $6.01 trillion in annual U.S. economic activity.

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