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Assurance & Banque 2.0: PROS Outperform in 2015 confirms the maturity of the European company

April 27, 2015-

By Emmanuel Mayega

Outperform: this has been the keyword in the 2015 Outperform conference, held on 21 and 22 April in Berlin, Germany. This was an opportunity for the company (PROS) to show its ability to support its customers in their transformation.

Unlike the events of other suppliers, who often give pride to the marketing of products valuation, Outperform focused the majority of its presentations on feedback from customers and partners. In the format, the company gave the floor to all business sectors. The world of finance and social protection was well represented.

AG2R started the ball rolling by highlighting the PROS Cameleon CPQ solution in a context of both digital and normative transformation. The group, which saw the smoke flying on designation clauses, decided to rely on this tool to win new customers in the market ANI is synonymous with widespread complementary health insurance to all employees. In such context, the company’s solution supports the multichannel approach and structure of the group and contributes to establishing an optimized pricing strategy. On the website, customers have access to the new ANI offers and receive personalized pricing.

When Touring Club Suisse spoke the following day, they showed how the PROS platform fully acts as an aid to sales. As a true value-added operating guide, this platform supports teams of this specialty affinity insurance (auto, HRM, legal protection) in the sale of its bid, which is proposed more easily in the logic of cross-selling, thanks at 360° vision introduced by PROS Cameleon.

The spotlight was granted to user accounts, instead of the product offering, has not been underestimated. From this perspective, the company showed how “companies now have the opportunity to capitalize on the wave of data that falls on them to optimize their underwriting process and outperform on increasingly competitive markets,” said Sebastian Mamro, General Manager, EMEA PROS.

In the end, this first European event of the post-era Cameleon Software has kept its promises, stressing the custom pricing strategy in the client environment. This is a strategy now supported by a strong player in the international market “and in France where we mobilize a hundred people to support banks and insurance companies in their digital transformation,” says Virginie Dupin, VP Marketing Europe at PROS.