RM Advantage

Optimize your large network carrier for the digital economy and rocket past the competition with RM Advantage

Large fleets hit turbulence at every turn. Competition threatens revenue goals and customer’s needs are always unique. Navigating hundreds of hubs while maximizing revenue for every seat on every flight demands unimaginable precision.

How do you forecast demand when the world is in constant flux?

How do you make the sub-second price tweaks to ensure no money is left on the table?

The answer is simple but the science is some of the world’s most advanced, PROS RM Advantage.

RM Advantage, an Edition of Airline Revenue Management, delivers revenue-optimal offers based on AI and machine learning to:

  • Increase efficiency and protect revenue with advanced forecasting and intuitive workflows – analysts can quickly drill down and find the right data
  • Forecast current market trends and behaviors such as seasonal demand patterns to more accurately predict what passenger’s want
  • Determine the fare mix that maximizes revenue lift on every departure with optimal inventory controls
  • Incorporate willingness-to-pay to address different types of demand and minimize revenue dilution
  • Migrate easily within a SaaS environment to a more advanced edition based on your current business needs

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