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PROS Wins Best AI Solution for Sales

The PROS Platform takes “Best AI-based Solution for Sales” in the 2022 AI Breakthrough Awards, a prestigious program that recognizes the top companies, technologies, and products in the global AI market today.  

Chosen as a winner from more than 2,950 solutions and companies nominated around the world, the PROS Platform stood out for innovation, performance, ease of use, functionality, value, and impact.  

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The pandemic intensified the need for businesses to adopt technology that allowed them to do business online. While many businesses can sell digitally, they struggle to connect eCommerce, marketplaces, and other digital channels with traditional sales-assisted interactions. Few organizations can execute harmonized and interconnected omnichannel sales experiences. And even fewer companies base pricing and quoting decisions on timely and accurate data because of disparate silos, competing business priorities, and disconnected technologies. This disconnect is made worse during times of high volatility, when businesses need to move quickly with high visibility into market data and across functions to maintain margin.  

Cue the PROS Platform, which directly addresses these challenges. By sitting at the intersection of product, price, and place, the PROS Platform is uniquely positions to support businesses’ omnichannel sales by increasing the operational efficiency and collaboration between teams that are critical in coordinating the sales process. Leveraging PROS market-leading AI technology, the PROS Platform consumes, evaluates, and extracts insight from market and customer data to provide actionable insights—from price optimization to product upsell recommendations—to help companies protect their margins and maximize profit potential. 

Organizations already use AI-powered tools to feed their insight into buying intent and preference. Broadening the use of AI tools to evaluate the overall markets more fully for customers and understand buying behavior more deeply enables companies to deliver a more agile, better informed, and more intelligent selling process tailored for every customer.  

The true promise of AI is to reimagine how data is used within the digital transformation of businesses, and especially with the transformation of the overall sales process. The value of the PROS Platform as the Best AI-based Solution for Sales, is that it allows businesses to optimize pricing by taking into consideration all market factors, understand buying patterns, customize and establish product offerings, drive personalization, and find cross- and upsell opportunities.   

About the Author

Amy Williams, Senior Industry Marketing Manager, is responsible for driving a consistent and compelling narrative for the PROS Travel portfolio. She is passionate about understanding the unique challenges that plague the industry and developing rich content and points of view that showcase PROS expertise and differentiation in the market.

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