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Improved Customer Experience across Sales Channels with PROS Smart CPQ for eCommerce


With more than 350 retail points of sale and 12 production sites, Lapeyre is one of Europe’s largest do-it-yourself home improvement retailers. Lapeyre manufactures and sells a wide range of standard and custom windows, doors, and kitchen and bathroom products. Lapeyre has built its growth strategy on offering a wide range of products through multiple complementary sales channels: retail stores, specialized outlets for the construction industry, and online through (B2C) and (B2B).

To make its sales networks more dynamic and improve customer service, Lapeyre selected PROS Smart CPQ for eCommerce. Salespeople, subsidiary retailers and customers use Smart CPQ to search Lapeyre’s catalog, customize doors and windows, check prices and place orders online.

Smart CPQ automatically transfers all order information from the point of sale to Lapeyre’s ERP system for fulfillment and sends engineering data for custom products to the factory for manufacturing.


Optimize Selling Processes to Improve Effectiveness

The Lapeyre sales teams sell a complex product offering, combining custom products (windows, doors, stairs) with off-the-shelf items.

To capitalize on their domain expertise and increase productivity, retail salespeople and sales operations needed better access to product information through a high-powered and reliable sales support tool. They wanted to shorten the time required to train staff, improve overall sales efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

Cut Cycle Times and Operating Costs

Many Lapeyre products are made-to-order, and any order errors could result in cost overruns and customer dissatisfaction. To enhance the quality of service provided to B2B and B2C customers, Lapeyre needed to improve order accuracy and shorten order-to-delivery times.

Devise a Multichannel Sales Strategy

Lapeyre needed to adapt its sales strategy to new consumer purchasing trends. In addition to traditional retail store sales (Lapeyre, Kpark, GIMM, Menuiseries Françaises, Wehr PVC, Telhanorte), Lapeyre wanted to make products available online to both consumers and trades.
Solution With PROS Smart CPQ for eCommerce, retail salespeople can:

• Consult market-specific product (custom and off-the-shelf) catalogs

• Review pricing options with the customer

• Offer related services such as installation, financing and extended warranties

• Place orders When the customer places an order for custom products, PROS Smart CPQ automatically generates the specific manufacturing data (bills of materials and routings) and sends it to the corresponding ERP system for each of Lapeyre’s plants. The order is 100% accurate and can immediately go into production.

Smart CPQ has enabled Lapeyre to roll out consistent sales models across each channel. Updates to catalogs and configuration models are quickly and easily disseminated across the sales network.

Online buyers are guided through every stage of their projects. They can page through the catalog aided by intuitive navigation and rich media, view areas of interest (such as “rustic” or “insulation”), have their questions answered, and browse complementary (cross-selling) or up-market (upselling) options.

Finally, they can place their orders online or decide to refine their projects at one of Lapeyre’s stores. Retail salespeople have access to online customer projects along with additional technical details. The result is a clearer view of customer requirements, more personalized follow-up, increased conversions and more loyal customers.


For Customers

• Offerings that match their needs and budgets
 • High-quality advice from Lapeyre salespeople
 • Quick and accurate quotes
 • Consistent, personalized experience across eCommerce channels and stores

For Lapeyre

• Successful multichannel sales strategy
 • Lower costs with more accurate orders
 • Significant increase in sales of custom products
 • Major reduction in production cycle
 • Greater operational efficiency from automation of order submission to production cycle

For Sales Teams

• Simplification of selling complex products
 • More time advising customers, less time on administrative work
 • Increased sales effectiveness