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3 B2B Buying Trends You Need to Know

The selling and buying experience for B2B customers has drastically changed in the last several years. B2B buyers are more demanding than ever, which means you do not have the time to sell the old-fashioned way. Digital purchasing has become the norm, with an estimated 50% of B2B purchases taking place through digital channels. Selling is a personal experience, and customers are willing to pay up to 5% more for solutions that are personalized and unique to their needs. The amount of available information online makes it easier than ever for customers to shop around. Don’t be caught losing deals because you were too slow to respond. Consider price optimization software that helps streamline the sales process to deliver accurate, personalized price quotes within minutes. Adapting to these three B2B buying trends will shape the way you develop your price optimization strategy, leading to increased sales and more satisfied customers.

If you are ready to learn more about how you can deliver on B2B buyer needs for personalization and instant pricing, check out the white paper, "What B2B Buyers Want in 2019".