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Driving Innovation Through PROS Airline Retailing

More than ever, airlines are faced with an unparalleled amount of unforeseen disruption that’s wreaking havoc across the industry. In this session, PROS experts provide an easy framework for how airlines can evolve their retailing, shopping, and merchandising processes to reach travelers with highly-personalized offers by effectively anticipating their needs and understanding what they value. These experts will provide you with exclusive insights into our transformative solutions and how PROS is leading the charge on retail transformation.

About the Speaker

Linda Havens currently directs the product management group at PROS and is responsible for various products in the Travel industry, including Group Sales Optimizer and the Shopping and Merchandising portfolio. Since joining the company in 1994, Linda has applied her talents to several roles across PROS airline, hotel, and cruise revenue management solutions. Before joining PROS, Linda spent five years at Lufthansa German Airlines working in the Revenue Management Department as a network and system administrator. In that role she was responsible for the successful operation of Lufthansa’s PROS systems. Linda pursued her studies in computer science at the University of Darmstadt in Germany. She has also studied modern languages and is fluent in Italian, German, and English.

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