PROS Smart Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Pricing

Key Capabilities

Smart Configure Price Quote automates the selling process by delivering performance quoting, a centralized product catalog with rich attributes, and approval workflows to power selling across all types of channels: direct, partner, and eCommerce. Any edition of Smart Configure, Price, Quote may optionally include a flexible product configuration engine, and/or customer-specific sales agreements. Smart Configure, Price, Quote is available for purchase in the two editions below:



/per user per month
Talk to Sales

Great for businesses looking to digitize and streamline their selling processes and respond quickly to customers with professional looking quotes.



/per user per month
Talk to Sales

Great for businesses looking to simplify the selling of more complex products, creating bills of materials, and managing the lifecycle of sales purchase agreements.

Full Edition Comparison

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Product Catalog

Common product repository supporting multiple attributes, rich content, and 2D/3D product visualizations for multi-channel use.

Product Comparison

Select multiple products from product catalog and visually compare their characteristics.

Advanced Search

Search product catalog, quotes, and quote line-item details using full-text search or multi-criteria filters.

Guided Selling

Tailored workflow to allow Users to navigate various selling choices within their product catalog.

Product and Solution Bundling

Pre-defined and dynamic product bundling to create personalized offers with negotiated prices.

Price List Management

Centralized price list management including: Price List Administration, Dimension Management, Lookups, Real-time pricing methods, Currency conversion, and Unit-of-Measure conversion.

Price-Discount Waterfall

Deal- and line-level waterfall analytics to view profitability metrics.

Performance Quoting

Performance quoting engine for a pre-set number of quote line-items.

Up to 1,000

Up to 10,000

Collaborative Quoting

The creation of a dynamic digital portal for the purposes of creating, sharing, and collaborating on quotes in real-time.

Multi-dimensional Quoting

Create structured quotes including hierarchy, segmentation and grouping of sellable items throughout the quoting process.

Multi-Level Quote Approval Workflows

Trigger native SFDC and MS Dynamics approval processes to enable multi-level approvals per quote.

Word-Based Document Generation

Design and generate quote proposal templates in Microsoft Word and PDF formats.

Microsoft Excel Import/Export

Export and import a quote with header and line-item detail.

CRM Integrations

Native integration with Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce CRMs - catalog, configuration and quoting.

Order Submission to ERP

Integrate orders with all ERP systems, including Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP.

Subscription Pricing & Selling

Additional pricing and quoting workflows to support recurring subscription products and services. Define and manage subscription pricing rate plans including one-time and recurring pricing models, fixed-rate, tiered, and usage-based. Includes support for subscription lifecycle management including create, upgrade/downgrade, renew and cancellation.

CPQ APIs for 3rd-Party Apps

Extend and integrate product catalog, configuration and quoting services across multiple sales channels using standard APIs.

Product Configuration

Utilize a constraints-based configuration to define and price products for assemble-, configure-, and engineer-to-order selling workflows. This includes the optimization of attributes for specific bundled offers, the management of parts information in a common catalog, and the creations of manufacturing bills of materials (BOMs). Products can be configured using a flexible UI or headless APIs.



Create, amend, renew and terminate sales agreements that feature customer-specific terms, products and prices, inclusive of scales/tiers, for repeatable orders.


Tiered/Scaled Pricing

Provide pricing within a quote based on volume of units sold.


Quote Analytics

Analyze and score quotes to review profitability, discounting, and cost-revenue metrics. Ability to incorporate 3rd-party data and insights to enrich the quoting experience.

ESSENTIALS Talk to Sales
ADVANTAGE Talk to Sales

denotes product capabilities included as standard in a particular Edition.

$ denotes optional product capabilities which can be purchased either when signing your Order or during your Subscription Term. These capabilities are subject to additional annual Subscription fees and may incur a separate implementation fee.

*Additional Features Available: All products include data integration services, subject to additional professional services for configuration, and support various languages with system administration in English by default.

We strive to be transparent about our product editions and the limits that apply and hope you find this catalog useful. Please note that the fees we list here are subject to applicable taxes and that all purchases are subject to the terms of service.

We periodically update this catalog, so please check back here for current information. If you’re looking for definitions of the terms used here, see our terms of service. If you have any questions, please contact sales.