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How airTRFX Increased Pacific Coastal’s Online Revenue by 15%

Discover how Pacific Coastal’s Airline leveraged their Digital Marketing Strategy through airTRFX

One of PROS customers joined us at the Airline Growth Summit to discuss how airTRFX Increased Pacific Coast Airline Online Revenue in their first year since launching it. We sat down with Gustavo Zorzi, who is the Senior Marketing & Product Manager at Pacific Coastal. And talk about what value airTRFX was able to deliver and the airline’s digital marketing strategy going forward. 

We’ve broken down the session with Gustavo into the key messages on airline digital marketing strategy. Starting with why SEO is critical for airlines and how Pacific Coastal increased awareness of their offers and reached the first page of Google results. Since reaching its organic search goals, Pacific Coastal is now improving promotions with URL parameters to providing travelers with a more seamless booking experience.

The result of this strategy has been +15% in online revenue in the first year of using airTRFX. 

"The advantage of using PROS airTRFX is that we can have real-time fares updated on our website displaying the best offer for each destination. The structure that airTRFX provides makes it easy to follow SEO best practices which helps us rank better in organic search. Our air TRFX pages are now outranking some OTAs and our competitors for our destinations."

- Gustavo Zorzi

Sr. Product and Marketing Manager, Pacific Coastal

SEO is a Critical Channel for Airlines

SEO is a critical airline channel because many travelers start planning their trips by searching on Google and other search engines. By having booking pages optimized to perform, airlines can maximize their organic traffic, which is a cheaper channel than most marketing channels.

The structure that airTRFX provides makes it easy to follow SEO best practices which can help pages to rank better in organic search. Additionally, an advantage of using airTRFX is that airlines can have dynamic fares updated across their pages displaying the best offers for each destination. As a result, this makes pages more relevant in organic search, and improves the customer experience by enabling them to find the best offers and book their flights direct from the landing pages.

Pacific Coastal is now out-ranking not just competitive airlines but OTAs in organic search. 

airTRFX Increases Network Visibility

airTRFX launches landing pages for an airline’s entire network in all languages and currencies they cover. These pages have built-in SEO performance and enable travelers to filter and book flights directly with the airline.

As a small regional carrier, one of the biggest challenges Pacific Coastal faces is amplifying its online presence and network visibility. airTRFX empowers them to craft landing pages with relevant content and dynamic fares. Consequently, this enhances page performance and customer experience.

The Benefits of 1st Page Rankings

Within the first year of launching airTRFX, Pacific Coastal has at least 17 destination pages ranking on the first page of Google organic search. Previously, the airline had no page ranking, leaving organic traffic to a competitor and OTA pages to complete their booking.

This change in rankings has led to more than 100,000 additional site visitors to the airTRFX pages. OOrganic traffic is the most cost-effective channel for visitor acquisition. Pacific Coastal utilizes this approach to save on marketing costs and boost direct channel sales.

Improving Campaigns with URL parameters

When using airTRFX pages in digital marketing campaigns, airlines can further personalize page content using URL parameters. This tactic pre-populates filters and promo codes on the landing page. Users don’t have to copy, paste, or remember the code. By implementing URL parameters airlines can simplify and personalize the booking process.

airTRFX brings in +15% Online Revenue in the First Year

Pacific Coastal has followed airTRFX best practices and consistently sees a 4% conversion rate. Since a significant portion of traffic to airTRFX pages comes from non-brand Google searches, its conversion rate tends to be lower. Achieving a 4% conversion rate is considered healthy.

airTRFX pages now account for +15% of Pacific Coastal’s online revenue in the year since launch.

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