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Demo: PROS in the Manufacturing Industry

About the Demo
In this step-by-step, eight-minute demo, we step into the shoes of a sales representative for a manufacturing (excavators) company that needs to go through the end-to-end sales process quickly. This sales representative needs to do everything from understanding where opportunities are, to configuring the product, and getting the right price accepted, all in a matter of minutes. Throughout this video, you will see how the PROS Platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable manufacturers to optimize their end-to-end selling process and accelerate the pricing, quoting, and configuring process.

Watch this Video to See How Salespeople Can Leverage PROS to…

  • Prospect efficiently and effectively
  • Find opportunities and evaluate recommendations
  • Identify customer buying patterns
  • Create a quote
  • Add configurations
  • Add maintenance and service levels
  • Find cross-sell and upsell opportunities Identify the optimal price for the quote
  • Get quick approval for prices outside target recommendations
  • Create branded cover letters and proposals
  • Email quote to their prospect

PROS in the Manufacturing Industry

PROS uniquely delivers both the breadth of technology and the depth of practical experience in transforming the end-to-end sales process to meet the demands of manufacturers in the digital economy. How? By providing a single, dynamic, scalable, AI-powered platform that enables manufacturers to leverage deeper insight for better business decisions, optimize and manage prices for maximized profitability, and streamline complex selling and ordering processes. After 35 years of working with 32 different industries, and companies like Manitou and HP, PROS continues to pioneer data-science strategies to partner with and support manufacturers’ success. The PROS Platform for manufacturers includes insight and analytics, price optimization and management, digital selling, and CPQ (configure price quote) solutions.

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