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Smart CPQ Demo: Fast Quotes in Salesforce

PROS Smart CPQ automates the configure, price, quote process, empowering sales teams to respond to customer quotes, bids, and RFPs within minutes. Leveraging state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms, Smart CPQ provides prescriptive recommendations along the quote journey enabling sales teams to create personalized product and pricing offers and deliver professional proposals in minutes. 

Integrated into the Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM, Smart CPQ delivers a unified and seamless user experience that enables sales leaders to improve sales productivity while accelerating deal velocity. 

In this demo you’ll see how the performance quoting engine in PROS Smart delivers unrivaled performance enabling sales people to:   

  • Quickly find the right products for every buyer using the intuitive catalog
  • Make mass uploads to reduce the time it takes to create quotes with lots of line items
  • Manage large quotes with over 2000 line items with no performance degradation.  (Smart CPQ is able to scale to manage quotes, bids, and RFPs with up to 100,000 line items
  • Create folder structures allow them to organize quotes according to different classifications such as region
  • Filter and make mass changes to the quote
  • Get optimized prices tailored for every product for every interaction through integration with PROS Guidance
  • Skip approvals by providing quotes within their approval threshold
  • Generate a professional proposal with all the products in the quote in seconds

With PROS Smart CPQ you’ll not only accelerate your sales cycles, and you’ll empower your sales teams to deliver personalized recommendations to every customer for every offer. 

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