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How United Reached First Page Organic Search Results using airTRFX Custom Pages


United Airlines used airTRFX to create more than 60 custom pages for their campaign to promote travel to U.S. National Parks. Their focus on SEO optimization ensured first-page results for their U.S. National Parks campaign. United fully capitalized on the campaign by linking it to its home page and promoting it within the United App to drive additional traffic to the National Parks pages.


United Airlines wanted to promote trending destinations to encourage ticket sales all year round. They also wanted to increase their direct channel sales but did not have the tools for the correct SEO optimization. To promote their new campaign for National Parks, United needed better rankings and a smooth mobile experience.


United Airlines used PROS’s airTRFX product to create more than 60 custom pages to specifically target U.S. National Parks search queries. They launched this campaign to promote travel to National Parks as part of their restart strategy. Now, when travelers use Google to search for flights to U.S. National Parks like Yosemite, Sequoia, Yellowstone, Glacier Bay, and the Everglades, they will find United Airlines airTRFX Pages among the first organic results.

“airTRFX enables us to be extremely nimble in the type of pages we can create. We were able to have National Park pages ready, have content ready, and then have that available for customers to actually land on in a matter of minutes.”
- Sadia Khan, Director of Digital Marketing & Demand Generation at United

Cheap flights to Yosemite example, screenshot
airTRFX automatically provides most of the technical SEO functionalities required to excel in organic search. Adopting airTRFX alone guarantees better rankings and more bookings in autopilot mode than any other platform.

United’s custom pages are designed with SEO optimization and built into airTRFX Pages. They are the only pages for a U.S. airline ranking on the first page of Google’s Search Results for the “national parks” search query.

The custom pages were also used to build a hub page where all the U.S. National Parks custom pages were linked and could be filtered by region. United promoted their U.S. National Parks campaign on their homepage by linking a hero banner to the hub page to drive home page traffic to the campaign.

Flights to National Parks, screenshot

airTRFX pages have device responsive design to ensure the best user experience for website visitors using a desktop, phone, or tablet. To promote their routes to U.S. National Parks, United added tiles to their app that linked to the Hub Page Custom Page and enabled mobile users to easily filter for parks, find the best fare, and complete their purchases.

United Airlines airTRFX example, screenshot

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