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The PROS Platform for the Food and Consumables Industry

The PROS Platform for the Food and Consumables Industry explains how PROS enables food companies to address the challenges of their sales process in order to deliver a better customer experience.

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The Solutions Brief for the Food and Consumables industry explains how PROS enables food and consumables companies to address the challenges of narrow margins, volatile commodity prices, limited visibility into the effectiveness of spend, slow reactions to market changes, and lengthy quote turn around times.

Food companies find themselves dealing with high degrees of complexity and uncertainty. To drive growth, margin and an optimal user experience they are looking to the power of digital technologies.

Digital transformation doesn’t come easy, so food and consumables companies are wondering, “where should we focus”? PROS believes the best place to begin any process of change is where it will have the most impact. When it comes to digital transformation, that would be the interactions between the food company and its buyers and sellers, otherwise known as the end-to-end sales process.

In this Solutions Brief, you will learn how the PROS Platform Enables you to address the following challenges:

  • “We can’t easily measure the effectiveness of our spend.”
  • “We find it difficult to keep up with changing market conditions and the competition.”
  • “We’re under pressure to hit revenue targets but don’t know what opportunities to pursue.”
  • “We often offer high discounts and that’s killing our profits.”
  • “With thousands of SKUs, we can’t keep prices relevant or consistent across channels.”
  • “We need to improve our lengthy pricing cycles. Out customers can’t easily and quickly do business online with us.”
  • “Large quotes take a while for us to deliver which affects the customer experience.”
  • “With hundreds of customers to manage, we can’t give them the experience they expect.”

PROS in the Food and Consumables Industry

PROS uniquely delivers both the breadth of technology and the depth of practical experience in transforming the end-to-end sales process to meet the demands of food, beverage, agriculture, ingredients, and dairy companies. Food manufacturers, distributors, and service operators in the digital economy partner with PROS to leverage deeper insight to increase revenue; efficiently and effectively execute their pricing strategy; and streamline and improve their customers’ buying experience. After 35 years working with over 30 different industries, and partners like the International Foodservice Manufacturers Association (IFMA), PROS continues to pioneer data-science strategies to partner with and support food companies’ success. The AI-powered PROS commerce platform for the food industry includes insight and analytics, price optimization and management, and digital selling and quoting solutions.