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Smart CPQ Demo: Create and Manage Sales Agreements

PROS Smart CPQ accelerates the management of complex sales agreements from days to minutes. This tool streamlines the lifecycle of sales agreements with workflows that create, amend, renew, extend, and end these agreements. Integrating state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms, Smart CPQ delivers prescriptive recommendations along the sales agreement journey — enabling sales analysts to create fully personalized contracts tailored to each buyer. 

With PROS Smart CPQ, sales analysts can quickly find, analyze, negotiate, and provide the best deal which meets both buyer expectations and sales targets. This solution provides analytical insights such as waterfall charts and profitability ratings, making it easy for sales teams to analyze every deal to see the business impact of each pricing decision. With the integration of PROS price optimization solution, sales teams can further accelerate sales wins with AI-based price recommendations.

PROS Smart CPQ also enables sales analysts to select the optimal terms and conditions for the agreement and collaborate in real time with internal pricing teams. This ensures the agreement record with the products, services, price, and terms are accurate and stored in the pricing system-of-record for future purchases.

Integrated into the Salesforce Sales Cloud and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRMs, Smart CPQ delivers a unified and seamless user experience that enables sales leaders to improve sales productivity while accelerating deal velocity. 

In this demo, you’ll see how PROS Smart CPQ accelerates the sales process by enabling users to:

  • Make mass uploads of complex product lists, reducing the time it takes to create agreements with lots of line items
  • Filter and make mass changes to sales agreements
  • Get optimized price recommendations for each line item in the sales agreement through integrations with PROS Guidance
  • Select the right terms and conditions for products in the sales agreements
  • Analyze the performance of the deal with profitability waterfalls
  • Publish agreement prices to the centralized pricing repository for that customer to purchase off of in the future
  • Easily make amendment modifications to an existing sales agreement and republish the modified products and pricing to the central repository

With PROS Smart CPQ, you’ll not only accelerate your sales cycles, and you’ll empower your sales teams to make the best decisions for the business while delivering personalized offerings to the buyer. 

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