PROS Airline Inventory and Order Management

Create, manage, and deliver orders seamlessly.

Build a modern retail ecosystem with PROS Inventory and Order Management​.


Decouple commercial from operational capabilities and gain full control over your inventory, product catalog and customer records.​

  • Centralize order management and simplify airline IT
  • Streamline, automate, and optimize customer orders
  • Easily integrate with other vendors, and your own applications, thanks to a modular and open architecture
  • Remove inefficiencies across order servicing, delivery, and financial processes

SOLUTION | Order Management

Unlock modern retailing capabilities with customer-centric orders.

Unlock the potential of modern airline retailing. With an order-native structure, PROS Inventory and Order Management capabilities are developed entirely as standalone and not on top of PSS functionality. Forget spaghetti architectures, PSS workarounds, and roadblocks to your innovation roadmap.​

Take control of your inventory and data. Liberate and diversify payments. Facilitate and automate partnerships. Start today your transition to Order Management with a value-driven, low impact approach, while maintaining business continuity.

SOLUTION | Inventory Management

Rethink the role of the inventory​.

For decades, the word inventory has been associated with seats. With the transition to an Offer and Order retail model, inventory management becomes the epitome of portfolio control and partnership management.

Product Catalog

Designed to support any type of product or service and its dimensions and attributes, the agnostic product catalog is the single source of truth for your airline’s portfolio.​

Stock Keeper

Fully separate from the catalog, the stock keeper keeps track of your stock information, as well as for third-party stock allotments. It also supports live query for external stock sources.

Supplier Automation

Scale supplier onboarding and integration and enable fast and easy third-party offerings. Agnostic to any airline or content supplier for true automation and less operational burden.

SOLUTION | Open and Modular Platform

An open, modular approach to offers and orders.

Legacy infrastructure and dependencies have hamstrung airlines for decades. The futureproof airline ecosystem is open and modular, built for innovation as the industry continues to evolve.

Legacy Infrastructure

Futureproof Ecosystem

SOLUTION | Path to Offers and Orders

Transitioning away from the PSS.

Non-PSS offers and orders are on the horizon. The airline industry is complex, but the future doesn’t need to be. Transitioning to non-PSS offers and orders will look different for every airline, so we are flexible to support your transition path.


Initiate Offer Optimization

  • Dynamic offer pricing
  • Continuous pricing
  • PSS fulfilment


Enable Off-PSS Retailing

  • Standalone inventory: product catalog and stock keeper
  • Payment, order repository
  • Accounting feeds


Introduce New Products

  • Include third party, off-PSS products in orders
  • Further flexibility in offer creation and optimization


100% Offers and Orders

  • Migration of key channels to offer and order stack
  • Incremental migration of PSS functionality to OMS

Explore your Path to retail freedom.

PARTNERS | PROS Partner Ecosystem

Open for innovation, scale, and speed.

We believe that PROS doesn’t succeed unless our customers do. That’s why the PROS Airline Offer and Order Management strategy is built with a partner-open philosophy. We don’t have all the answers, and that’s ok when our partners do.

Break-free of the vendor monopoly. Prioritize scale, AI, innovation, and time-to-market, so you can see better results, faster. PROS integrates with 18+ partners, including passenger service systems, travel providers, aggregators, IT vendors, and more.

No Vendor

Proven Multi-Vendor Integration

Rapid Innovation and Time-to-Market

Best-of-Breed Retail Modules

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