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Unlocking Revenue Opportunities for Airlines

Our new ebook, Unlocking Revenue Opportunities for Airlines, describes how a streamlined Revenue Management (RM) technology can help airlines optimize forecasting.

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Airlines today are facing complicated challenges such as high inflation, high costs, stiff competition, and fluctuating customer demand. In order to solve for this complexity, these airlines are looking to proven, dependable Revenue Management (RM) technology that allows revenue management teams to react quickly to disruptive market events. And Revenue Management tools need not be expensive nor difficult to deploy - clients can choose the best-fit features and add more later as the need grows. PROS Revenue Management tool provides:

  • Precise forecasting and optimization providing accurate demand forecasts to better drive business strategies
  • Ability to turn business strategies to system rules without a great deal of historical data
  • Better workflows and automations that can reduce manual, error-prone tasks
  • Robust reporting to show traffic flows, booking trends, point-of-sale mix, and seasonality at the segment level

PROS offers a turnkey RM solution with quick time-to-value that boasts up to 4% uplift in revenue.

To read more about the challenges airlines face and how the PROS solution can resolve them, download our ebook here.

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