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How offering additional payment methods enabled Air Canada to increase average transaction value and customer acquisition


Air Canada wanted to see if offering monthly payment plans would entice people to travel when they might not have otherwise. The airline used Uplift to generate payment plans as low as $20 per month as an alternative to paying a full fare upfront. With the PROS fare marketing platform, Air Canada could instantly display these payment plans at scale across all of their origin and destination pages. After launching the monthly pay option, Air Canada saw an increase in conversions, average transaction value, and customer acquisition, plus longer booking windows. 


Uplift is a buy-now-pay-later solution that serves the world's top travel brands, including airlines, cruises, vacation packages, and hospitality. Consumers using Uplift convert more often, are more likely to upgrade their travel, and are more likely to repurchase with the travel provider.

The customer selects their trip and is offered several payment plans to choose from. The monthly plans have no late fees, no prepayment fees, and customers can travel before they finish making all of their payments. By partnering with Uplift to offer a flexible form of payment, airlines see higher average transactions, longer booking windows, and an increase in conversions.


Customers viewed Air Canada's strategy of adding monthly payment plans positively. When asked whether having the monthly payment option would make them likely to buy from Air Canada again, 94% of respondents said yes. Of those surveyed, 43% said they decided to upgrade their travel due to the ability to make monthly payments. 

“I'm not sure we knew how incredible it would be. The Uplift pricing is available on 100% of Air Canada's airTRFX pages and the seamless and record time implementation was possible because of the PROS automation. Our average transaction value is up, we have new passengers that otherwise may not have selected Air Canada, and we’re seeing longer booking windows.”

Karen Brzozowicz, Manager of Payment Products, Air Canada 

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