Welcome to the Airline Digital Retailing Academy!

You are one step away from starting your learning journey. However, before you take off, we have a couple of resources for you to help you prepare. Fasten your seatbelt!

A Book to Help With Your Journey

We have lecturers, lessons, mentors. But the learning experience wouldn’t be complete without a book! We recommend purchasing a copy of Experimentation Works: The Surprising Power of Business Experiments by world-class author, Stefan H. Thomke from Harvard Business School, who is also one of the leading expert contributors to the Academy. This book will help complement the digital skillset you will build in this course with deeper knowledge and insights.

Customer Journey Mapping

In Module 5 you will learn about the process of building digital products with PROS experts Mike Slone and Tomi Maaniemi. Watch this three-minute video to learn more about how customer journey mapping helps with this. And get this: to give back to the airline community and promote the recovery of the industry we love, PROS is giving away 3 free customer journey mapping discovery sessions at the end of the academy! Want to learn more about customer journey mapping? Reach out to the PROS team.

Retail Insights

This is not all. To help you with insights about digital retailing, PROS has put together a dedicated stream of expert content on NDC, AI, new digital business models, and transforming the storefront. These resources will help lay the foundation for this course and hopefully bring valuable insights for your digital strategy. Enjoy reading!

Additional Resources for Setting Flight on your Learning Journey