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How Frontier Airlines Leveraged Real-Time Fares in Email to Drive Personalization and +90% Conversions


Frontier Airlines wanted to see if real-time fares in email would have a significant impact on their Click Through Rate (CTR) and conversion rate. Using the real-time fare and light information from PROS's airWire combined with the dynamic email capability of Movable Ink, they were able to send emails with relevant low fares to travelers. In their emails, Frontier selected several applicable fares based on user geolocation and interests as informed by customer data. The emails with real-time, relevant fares saw a 90% increase in conversion rate and a 40% increase in CTR.


Frontier batch and blast strategy, screenshotFrontier had been using a manual "batch and blast" strategy in which emails included one offer and one set of content for the entire email list. Frontier worked to customize audiences and make sure that people who might be interested in an offer received it, but it was a one-size-fits-all approach for email content.

Movable Ink turns data into personalized content in any customer engagement. Using fare and flight data from PROS's airWire product, Movable Ink generates emails with dynamic, relevant fares. This integration enables Frontier to include real-time fares based on each customer's home airport, ensuring customers always see accurate and applicable fares.

Now the primary offer is a real-time fare based on the receiver's origin and preferences. Additionally, the email contains different content, using Movable Ink and PROS to promote personalized offers the recipient is interested in.


Frontier data imageThe campaign experienced success by having relevant real-time fares in email and driving users to landing pages where they could complete their booking. The automation in the campaign saved the Frontier email marketing team time and effort by making it easy to send personalized, dynamic information in every communication.

“When we first started this process, we wanted to know whether dynamic pricing improves engagement rate, conversion rate, any of those things, more than a static price? The answer was absolutely yes. When we use the dynamic pricing in emails we saw a 90% lift in conversion and a 40% lift in click through rate.”

- Josh Raskin, Email Marketing Manager, Frontier Airlines

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