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Increasing SEM Campaign Revenue by more than 6X in 60 days

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Cape Air partnered with PROS to develop comprehensive Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns to promote all of their routes. Cape Air’s revenue from SEM campaigns rose more than 6x in the first 60 day period, revealing the effectiveness of the campaigns and ad structure.

The Challenge

Cape Air’s SEM strategy focused on using brand terms in Search, however, there was a huge opportunity to acquire new users and increase visibility and revenue by optimizing their Paid Search Channel. This solution that would allow them to promote all routes with the correct keyword patterns and relevant ad copy to increase click-through-rate (CTR), and conversions.

The Solution

PROS deployed airTRFX® and two of our airSEM® tools: airBLDR® and airDPI®, to generate route-related SEM campaigns in all languages and markets covered by the Cape Air.

airTRFX provides the most relevant landing page experience for SEM campaigns by updating available fares in real-time and ensuring the language and market on the page is consistent with the user’s search behavior. The PROS dynamic price insertion tool, airDPI was used to generate ads with dynamic fares, displaying the lowest fare for the next 90 days, with fare updates in real-time. And airBLDR automatically generates all necessary information on different levels for route-related SEM campaigns. With airBLDR, Cape Air generated comprehensive SEM accounts for 4 markets and 2 languages, covering 76 routes, over 300K keywords, and 4 different ad types.

airSEM ad, screenshot

SEM ad built with airBLDR, with a dynamic price powered by airDPI, that links to a booking landing page generated by airTRFX.


Within 60 days of the campaign launch, Cape Air saw massive results. The strategy to maximize CTR by displaying highly relevant ads in different languages, for different markets, with selective keywords was a success and continued to increase the number of visitors and clicks to Cape Air’s site beyond March. Cape Air’s revenue from SEM campaigns rose more than 6x in the first 60 day period, revealing the effectiveness of the campaigns and ad structure.

airSEM data

airSEM stats
“Having the expertise and guidance from the SEM group with a robust group of products has revolutionized the way that we approach digital marketing. Being a smaller regional airline, we were hesitant to enter an agreement for fear that we’d be a small fish in a big pond. Our experience has been the converse. We’re treated as an important member of their client base, and afforded scalable marketing solutions.”

- Trish Lorino, VP of Marketing & PR, Cape Air

About PROS

PROS provides airlines with Fare Marketing technology for direct channel growth and customer acquisition. We work with dozens of airlines worldwide ranging from major full-service carriers to LCCs, based in 60 countries and marketing in over 35 languages. Our products increase traffic, improve conversion rate, enhance user experience, and drive brand engagement on and off the airline’s website.

PROS Products

Create a Fare Marketing infrastructure with airTRFX. Leverage airTRFX pages to scale your site, online presence, and improve engagement.

Conversion-oriented flight search tools with real-time fares that can be deployed on any web page.

Airline-specific Search Engine Marketing tools to build, launch, and manage ad campaigns with real-time fares in ad copy.

Display real-time fares on social media, emails, retargeting ads, and on any webpage with airWire. Powered by user-search data without additional calls to your GDS/Res System.