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Increasing Direct Bookings by Deploying Pages with Real-time Rates at Scale


Hyatt Hotels & Resorts utilized airTRFX, PROS’s hotel rate marketing platform, to launch and manage pages at scale with real-time room rates. After a successful pilot program in Hyatt APAC, Hyatt Americas deployed airTRFX pages to market their properties and offers directly to customers. Using airTRFX pages for each destination city, property, and special offer, Hyatt achieved improved performance from its digital marketing campaigns. The result: more high-quality traffic to the booking engine and more direct online bookings. 


To increase high-quality traffic and conversions, Hyatt used airTRFX to:

  • Deploy booking pages with real-time rates for every property at scale.
  • Easily create Custom Pages with real-time rates to book promotions or themed travel.
  • Optimize search engine performance of booking pages.
  • Launch targeted marketing campaigns to promote booking pages to guests. 

PROS products are used by 100+ travel brands to improve their website traffic, increase direct online bookings, and reduce their reliance on third party booking sites. Direct bookings constitute a disproportionately low share of hotel bookings, with more than 50% in the U.S. coming from third-party sites.

Hyatt launched property pages at scale with airTRFX and created various Custom Pages. The example on the right is a custom page designed to promote Hyatt properties in ski destinations for winter. Custom Pages include real-time room rates at popular hotels and resorts and can be interlinked to additional Custom Pages Hyatt creates.

The PROS Platform enhanced how Hyatt markets their best available room rates to guests through scaled, agile landing pages and rate-finder applications. 

These tools improve the performance of paid search, organic search, social media ads, display/programmatic ads, and email marketing for hotel properties. The focused goal of each of these tools is to increase direct channel bookings, encourage customer loyalty, and help maintain customer relationships. 

“We are excited to partner with EveryMundo to enable our guests to more easily access our online room rates, across a wide range of channels. This also provides an opportunity to further encourage guests to book directly, allowing us to build more robust and beneficial relationships with our guests before and after their stay with us.” 

 - Jonathan Liu, Regional Vice President of Digital at Hyatt

PROS Products

Create a Fare Marketing infrastructure with airTRFX. Leverage airTRFX pages to scale your site, online presence, and improve engagement.

Conversion-oriented flight search tools with real-time fares that can be deployed on any web page.

Airline-specific Search Engine Marketing tools to build, launch, and manage ad campaigns with real-time fares in ad copy.

Display real-time fares on social media, emails, retargeting ads, and on any webpage with airWire. Powered by user-search data without additional calls to your GDS/Res System.