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Powering Real-Time Fares in Google Dynamic Remarketing Campaigns

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Aegean, Greece’s largest airline, partnered with PROS to improve their direct channel performance by leveraging PROS Fare Marketing products: airWire®, airSEM®, and airTRFX®. Their implementation of this Fare Marketing System resulted in their conversion rates growing by 3x in the first 60 days of the campaign.

The Solution

airWire: Powered by business logic and fares seen by others in the airline booking engine, airWire feeds real-time fare data to endpoints across the web, including landing pages, ads, and pricing widgets. These feeds can connect to display ads, such as Responsive Display Ads or HTML5 ads.

airSEM: PROS’s Search Engine Marketing tools (collectively referred to as airSEM) includes a dynamic price insertion tool, airDPI®, that enables airlines to display dynamic, real-time fares in Dynamic Display Remarketing ads. This tool is the direct connection from the airWire feed and the fare displayed in the ad copy.

airTRFX: The fare marketing system that scales an airlines’ digital presence by automatically deploying web pages with dynamic fare content for the airline’s route network.

This is an example of a dynamic paid search ad with real-time pricing powered by airWire and airDPI. Ads like this link to airTRFX pages with additional real-time fares and booking capabilities.


Leveraging airDPI, ad customizers were included in all NonBrand ad groups. These customizers contain a dynamic fare field in the headline which, according to the advertised route, matches the corresponding airTRFX page and the content in it. Accuracy of fares and real-time updates result in better performance, most importantly – lower cost per conversion and higher ROI. Dynamic Display Remarketing campaigns using airDPI™ bring positive results right away and have a larger volume in terms of conversions and revenue comparing to RLSA, Search and non-brand campaigns in general.

“Dynamic fares helped us improve the accuracy ad messages and landing page price, leading to better results. Through Google Dynamic Remarketing we were able to track the full customer journey within Google Analytics and that led us to better audiences created directly within GA360”

- Linda Galaziou, Head of Digital Performance, Aegean About PROS

PROS provides airlines with Fare Marketing technology for direct channel growth and customer acquisition. We work with dozens of airlines worldwide ranging from major full-service carriers to LCCs, based in 60 countries and marketing in over 35 languages. Our products increase traffic, improve conversion rate, enhance user experience, and drive brand engagement on and off the airline’s website.

PROS Products

Create a Fare Marketing infrastructure with airTRFX. Leverage airTRFX pages to scale your site, online presence, and improve engagement.

Conversion-oriented flight search tools with real-time fares that can be deployed on any web page.

Airline-specific Search Engine Marketing tools to build, launch, and manage ad campaigns with real-time fares in ad copy.

Display real-time fares on social media, emails, retargeting ads, and on any webpage with airWire. Powered by user-search data without additional calls to your GDS/Res System.